August 06, 2012

Sweetest Reunion

So how's everyone doing? How has Ramadan been this year? Mine has been quite a smooth sailing except for the shocking news that I've received on the 4th Ramadan. But alhamdulillah, with Allah's willing, everything is fine now and for that I am forever grateful. 

It wasn't easy thinking that you might lose someone you love so dearly when you were just talking to them a while ago, right. I have just went through that. Quite frankly, I am still traumatized by the whole  "incident" that nearly tarnish my hope to meet that special someone again....forever. I cried everytime I pray, just can't stop thanking HIM for saving my loved one. 

So, after all that has happened, I have finally reunited with him. Looking at the whole thing positively, it was such a blessing in disguise because he could finally spend his Ramadan and Eid with me and his family. Thank You ALLAH for the blessings. 

So, I've decided to wear PINK for our outing to depict how glad I was to be able to see him again. It was such an indescribable feeling, really. It was like meeting him for the very first time :)

I love the blazer from FashionCents. More colors available HERE

Nevertheless, my heart and prayer goes out to the families of the Bunga Alpinia vessel victims. May they rest in peace and placed among the pious. Al-fatihah.....

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